enum RandomTips { case GlobalTint

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case GlobalTint

This is a good one for those who heavily customize their UI, or even slightly customize it. It’s not uncommon to want to make a modification to the color scheme of your app. Turns out it’s even easier than it first appears to be.

  1. Select your storyboard in the file navigator
    • select storyboard
  2. Click anywhere in the storyboard canvas
    • click
    • genie example
      You have plenty of choices
  3. Select the file inspector, if it’s not already selected
    • file inspector
  4. Now you can set the global tint
    • global tint

Now with a single setting, our entire ui is even prettier!
"pretty" ui

There are a couple potential features/caveats here:

  • it’s a per-storyboard setting
    • If you have multiple storyboards, you’ll have to set each one individually
  • it’s the tint color only
    • no global background or other aspects of color theming

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