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Name breakdown: Swquizft
(but most importantly, it’s stupid, and therefore funny to me)

As TL at Lambda, during the first unit of iOS, I commonly found my students giving me blank stares when I would ask them to do something that was fundamental to the language. Things like "create a new instance of Int" or "what’s the name of the parameter of this function?" were difficult.

It occurred to me that, back in grade school, I learned terms and concepts throguh repetition on worksheets, tests, and flash cards. I thought maybe that would be helpful to provide that for my students to help get them up to speed quicker.

I wanted something that would fulfill the following requirements:

  • simple question/answer format
  • repetitive
  • reinforce weak concepts
  • either self evaluating or at least give students direct feedback
  • free
  • easily accessible
  • didn’t ask gotcha questions
  • able to be used in bite size chunks
  • swift content

I admittedly didn’t do much research to see if anything was already available to create my own quiz, but I did enough research to find I wasn’t happy with the available quizzes that already had questions and answers.

So I set out to create a quiz app that fulfills my requirements!

So, it runs on iOS just like we are developing for! It is open sourced so the students can learn from the code! And it fulfills everything above!

It’ll be available on the App Store once it gets more questions fleshed out, but in the meantime, you can get it from github.

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