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Xcode has a pretty good text editor, but sometimes you need features that just aren’t available in Xcode. There are a few options out there and a lot of them are pretty good, but my favorite is Sublime Text.

My problem is that I’ll often find myself in the command line, wanting to edit a file or open a folder as a project, leaving me with the problem of having to navigate my file structure a second time as I look for the file or folder I want to open in Sublime’s GUI.

The solution is pretty elegant, if you ask me, and it can work for other apps as well. Simply add this line to your ~/.bash_profile:

alias sublime="open -a /Applications/Sublime\"

You will need to initiate a new session in your command line again (close and reopen the window/tab), but now you can run sublime to open a file, or sublime . to open the current directory as a project. Of course, the usual command line rules work, so you’re by no means limited to these suggestions.

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