WWDC 2019

Table of Content

Having just finished my afternoon project for Lambda after a day filled with keynotes and attempting to test run some beta software, I thought I’d share what my favorite things from today’s keynotes were. For now, due to the time of day, I’m just going to make a simple list. Perhaps I’ll revisit and elaborate at another time.


  • Sidecar
  • the new cheesegrater (Mac Pro) (and display)
    • I don’t need both kidneys, do I?
  • Sign in with Apple
    • and the new privacy features in general
  • Project Catalyst
  • SwiftUI
  • iPad mouse support!
    • (not in the keynote, but just hidden as an accessibility feature)


  • Not sold on iPadOS
  • the new Mac Pro (and display) price

I know it’s a bit of a dumb post, especially if I never elaborate. But since I usually forget what all the new, great stuff is by the time it comes out, it might be fun for me to go back and see what I was excited for! So yeah, looks like this post is for me, not you. Go away.

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